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Welcome to the Unofficial Advanced Heroquest site.

The goal of this website is to allow all AHQ ideas to be shared among players from all over the world.

Although in the beginning we will be most concerned with completing it, on the long run we will make sure there is space for everything people send in:

  • Optional Rules (even if in contradiction with the ones we created),
  • New Monsters (even not Warhammer creatures),
  • New Heroes (specialists, professions and races),
  • New Spells (we want to reach 20 spells per college),
  • Stories (they are the funniest part of AHQ!),
  • Adventures (including hazards, traps and maps) We will be also giving credit to the all the ideas we receive.

Main-Black-Line.gif (954 bytes)These are the topics we cover.......

Main-Blue-Pearl-Transp.gif (1186 bytes)"The Best Game Ever?" Ever wondered why you like the game so much, ever argued that AHQ is the best game ever, ever wondered what does it take to invent a good level? article kindly sent to us by Dominic Camus.          

HOUSE RULES: This section contains all the new rules and modifications of old rules that I have created. In particular the combat has been changed a lot, so that now heroes (and monsters) can surround their opponents, perform rear attacks, charge them and so on. Since many of these rules are mentioned and used in other parts of this site I strongly recommend that you at least quickly read through them.     

Main-Blue-Pearl-Transp.gif (1186 bytes) Optional Rules Various rules you can choose to use in your games and exciting new rules from all over the place

HEROES: Here you will learn how to create a large amount of characters to use as heroes in your adventures. You can choose from a variety of professions (or classes) and races so that you can play as a halfling thief, a high elf wizard, a dwarf fighter, a wood elf scout and many more. Here you also have access to many specialist heroes, such as the paladin, the ninja, the ranger, giving you an overall incredibly large choice of heroes.

Main-Blue-Pearl-Transp.gif (1186 bytes) New Heroes 7 new excellent Heroes still in original AHQ format

...beautifully designed new heroes by Graeme Davis         

MAGIC: In this section you can find a complete compendium of all the spells of every college of colour (Light, Gold, Jade, Celestial, Grey, Amethyst, Bright and Amber), plus rules for the more advanced Rainbow college, and dark magic spells for monsters. Each college is made to possess a strong character of its own, so that they are all totally different. On the main magic page there is also a summary of all the rules that apply to spellcasters, plus all new rules for the Wizard's Familiar.

AAA Blue Pearl.jpg (2896 bytes)BESTIARY: Divided by race, in the Bestiary you can find a wide range of new monsters to use in your quests. From Dark elves to Beastmen, from Skaven to Undead, from Orcs to the evil followers of Chaos this list is complete with normal warriors, sentries and special characters, as well as racial rules and special dungeon counters to be used only in dungeons involving a certain race of enemies.

EQUIPMENT: Heroes are never happy enough when it comes to spending their well-earned money. For this reason this section contains a large list of totally new and intriguing items of equipment. Explore an entire city, where you can find a well-stocked weaponsmith with more than 25 different weapons, a hidden Thieves' guild with all those items you could only hope finding on the black market, an enchanted Wizards' tower filled with ancient magic scrolls and bubbling potions and many other locations.

LINKS: Here are a couple of links to other Advanced Heroquest sites and other places where you can find useful material for your adventures.

ABOUT US: Here are the stories of the two crazy creators of this website:

AAA Blue Pearl.jpg (2896 bytes) Victor Kabay (includes "Special Thanks" section) & AAA Blue Pearl.jpg (2896 bytes) Ricky Kabay.


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This website is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited. Advanced Heroquest, Bloodletter, Bloodthirster, Daemonette, Flesh Hound, Great Unclean One, Keeper of Secrets, Khorne, Lord of Change, Nurgle, Nurgling, Old World, Plaguebearer, Skaven, Slaanesh, Slann, Snotling, Squig, Troll Slayer, Tzeentch, Warhammer, Warhammer Quest, White dwarf are trademarks of GamesWorkshop Limited. Used without permission. No challenge to their status is intended.

We proudly announce...

A wonderfully beautifully masterfully written article sent in by Dominic Camus  (LAnimated OO.gif (1641 bytes)K)... some great new heroes sent in by Graeme Davis (LAnimated OO2.gif (1641 bytes)K)... we're still excited about the new rules (LAnimated OO3.gif (816 bytes)K)... and we made the bestiary more legible  (LAnimated OO4.gif (861 bytes)K)...

...hope you enjoy!

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Jestor rushes to announce all the new stuff to the world
For the next month...
we will be working on fixing this site up, after which the site will be accessible through search engine. On the way we are preparing the gnome race and the elementalist profession (a totally new form of fighter-caster that uses his inner energy to fuel his spells)...  If you spot ANY mistake we would appreciate you telling us...
and of course if you have anything nice to send in, just drop it in the cauldron!


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Jestong ponders upon the marvels coming up next month
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