The Bestiary

Below is a list of new bestiaries, divided by race, those whose button is in black-and-white are not quite ready to view yet. Here is a summary of all the new special rules that may apply to certain monsters, they have been copied from the house rules section but are repeated here for convenience:

    Spells (X): Y: Now that a complete list of spells from numerous colleges is available, when a monster is capable of casting spells X stands for the college (Dark, Amethyst...), while Y stands for the list of actual spells (Fireball, Wall of Darkness...).

    Infestation: This rule usually applies to small creatures that overwhelm opponents by sheer force of numbers. Although these creatures usually cannot attack diagonally, they do count as attackers when following the rules for Surrounding opponents even if they are in a diagonal square. In this way a hero surrounded by, say 8 Nurglings, will wave his DS reduced by 7 against all attacks, although only the four directly adjacent ones will actually be attacking him!

    Backstab: The special rule of thieves, Backstab is also applied to sneaky enemies, such as Skaven gutter runners or Dark elf assassins. This rule states that if you attack an enemy at the rear you roll 2 extra damage dice rather than the usual three.

    Run Amok: Usually particularly stupid and dumb enemies follow these rules. Such monsters must roll their Bravery at the beginning of each turn or run amok. A creature that runs amok moves to attack the closest model, friend or foe, within 5 squares (select randomly if there are more than one model at the same distance). If no model is within five squares, the creature stands in place and bellows and roars, waiting for something to come close enough to butcher. Certain races of monsters have specialists called beastmasters, who cancel the rules for run amok for creatures within a certain range (may vary) as long as they are alive, of course.

    Panic: This rule applies to slaves and generally cowardly enemies. Each turn creatures subject to panic must roll their Bravery or flee (running) as far away as possible from all enemies, opening doors in the process if necessary. Some races have slavemasters and certain leaders who cancel out the rules for panic (within a certain given range) as long as they are alive.

If you are planning on designing your own monsters here you can find some

Animated-zombi-finger.gif (898 bytes)   EMPTY MONSTER SHEETS


RACES Skaven.jpg (7136 bytes)               


Half men and half rats, the Skaven are one of the terrible creations of Chaos. Drawing awesome power from warpstone, the Skaven live in underground cities and have a web of tunnels under the entire Old World, that allows hordes of them to appear suddenly, taking any enemy by surprise. The society of the Skaven in divided into various clans: clan Mors and Rictus are made mainly of warriors, clan Eshin trains stealthy and deadly assassins, clan Pestilens creates and unleashes terrible diseases, clan Moulder mutates and warps powerful beasts with the power of warpstone, and clan Skryre has numerous Magicians and engineers that create awesome machines of destruction.


       RACES Undead.jpg (6264 bytes)


The dead of the Old World do not rest easy in their buried graves, for dark magic has the power to give them a new and unnatural life, turning them into abominations called the Undead. Necromancers all over the world seek to control this terrible power, and those who don't get destroyed in the process gain the power to summon hordes of skeletons, zombies, mummies, ghosts and other dark horrors. These armies feel no fear, no pain, no sorrow, nothing, and this makes them capable of defeating many a mortal army. Although the treat of the Undead is ever-present few dare speak or even think of them, for that is the stuff of nightmares.


RACES Chaos.jpg (6966 bytes)


All over the known World, hidden well in secret coves, or in the Northern Wastes, crawling towards the Realm of Chaos, are the followers of Chaos. Once human beings, these evil warriors secretly worship their dark gods and follow a path of damnation in the hope of gaining their favour. Powerful Sorcerers or Chaos Lords are rewarded with unnatural gifts and lead parties of Thugs, humans gullible enough to believe the words these false leaders. Conclaves of Cultists fanatically worship their deities, committing unspeakable rituals and sacrifices to please their every wish. Sometimes even daemons from the very planes of Chaos, summoned or sent by the gods themselves, will join these followers as powerful and near unstoppable warriors.


RACES Dark Elves.jpg (7390 bytes)


The evil race of the Dark Elves lives in the cold and bleak land of Naggaroth, the Land of Chill. Originally High Elves who have succumbed to the temptations of dark magic, the Dark Elves are cruel, merciless and filled with an intense hatred for all other creatures, and specially High Elves. The six black fortified cities where most of the members of this race live are a place where untold numbers of miserable lives are expended in quarries and mines. Others are tortured and eventually killed upon the bloody altars of Khaine, the god of murder, before the lustful excitement of the frenzied Witch elves. The Dark Elves are a fearsome foe, combining evil bloodlust with the grace of movement and the great accuracy that characterizes all elves.


RACES Wildmonster.jpg (5386 bytes)


The Warhammer world is a land filled with mighty creatures of legend, gigantic monsters capable of destroying entire towns, fire-spitting Dragons, many-headed Hydras, fearsome Griffins and  venomous Wyverns. Such powerful creatures are often captured and trained to fight and obey commands by more intelligent races, making them even more dangerous opponents. Less powerful, but by far more numerous are the wild animals that roam in untamed forests and woods. Bears, Wolves and flying birds of prey are dangerous enemies and powerful allies, and the shamanic Wizards of the Amber college gradually gain the power to communicate with and summon such creatures.


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