In the original AHQ book the amount of items you were allowed to purchase at stores was really quite limited. For this reason I have added new weapons, armours and much more, each in particular locations where they may be purchased (such as an armory or a general store).

The Weaponsmith: Will sell any close combat weapon such as swords and axes, and will even go as far as selling special weapons such as rapiers, flails or warstaffs.

The Armourer: Here is where you will find armours, shields and helms, providing expensive but essential protection from dangers that may be encountered in the dungeons.

The Tinkers' Square: These stalls provide heroes with all sorts of ranged weapons such as thrown weapons, bows, crossbows and gunfire weapons, and will also sell arrows, bolts, bullets and gunpowder to use them properly.

The General store: Here in stock the heroes will find all sorts of useful items to aid them in the difficult situations they may encounter during their adventuring, like rope, lockpicks, rat poison...

The Thieves Guild: This hidden guild is the center of all illegal operations in great towns and home to a large amount of scum. Only those who belong to the guild may enter, so only heroes who are Thieves (of any race) may benefit from this "facility".

The Wizards' Guild: The enchanted tower where Wizards study the secrets of arcane lore is where heroes may purchase scrolls and potions of all sorts.