Here are some links to AHQ sites around the web, plus other websites with related material.

New Spells, Classes and Magic Items for Advanced Heroquest: This website contains plenty of new spells and a few new races and professions for your heroes. Really worth a look.

Pseudofreak's Advanced Heroquest Creations: one of the newest AHQ sites, it contains an incredibly large amount of alternative items of equipment such as weapons and armour, plus a complete experience points system.

Karak's Hut: a well done website that contains quite some Advanced Heroquest ideas in addition to a complete AHQ level, the Elements Quest.

Games Workshop: The original creators and distributors of this game. They also sell the wide range of miniatures that can be very useful to represent heroes and monsters in your quests.

Mike's Homepage: A site containing plenty of Warhammer Fantasy roleplay stuff, plus an amount of really useful floorplans to play AHQ with. Since AHQ and Warhammer fantasy roleplay share the same world (the Warhammer world has changed a lot with time, but these two games where published almost at the same time), I thought here you could find plenty of hints and tips for creating adventures, monsters and such.