Light Sources for Advanced Heroquest by Jordan "Greywolf" Peacock

Not all dungeons are conveniently lit for the heroes to explore. As an optional rule, a dungeon may be lacking in sources of light. This poses no problems to most monsters, as most of them have infrared sight or keen senses that allow them to maneuver easily in darkness. For the heroes, though, this means a problem if they stray off too far from the group's lantern.
Any light source illuminates the immediate room (or passage) that the bearer of the light is located in, as well as all adjacent rooms/passages.
Characters left in the dark are at a disadvantage. Characters in the dark may be able to feel their way around and fight, but do so at -2 to hit rolls, and monsters (who generally have less trouble seeing in the dark and who are more familiar with the layout of the area) have a +2 to their attempts to hit the semi-blinded Hero.

At the GM's discretion, more severe fates may be in store for Heroes who wander off into pitch darkness in particularly dangerous areas (such as those with open pits or bottomless chasms, for instance).

Commonly available light sources include torches and lanterns.

TORCHES (1gc each)
A single torch will last for an entire Expedition. A torch requires a free hand to carry. If a torchbearer wishes to make use of a two-handed weapon (or of a one-handed weapon plus a shield), the torch must be dropped. It does not take any actions to drop the torch, but it will burn out immediately, due to the murky dungeon floor.
After the battle, a torch may be recovered again. (You do not have to mark the exact location where the torch was dropped.) However, it takes an action and a successful Intelligence test to light the torch again. (It is assumed that the adventurers have managed to light their torches without incident at the start of their Expedition.)

LANTERN (10gc lantern, 1gc Oil flask)
Lanterns provide sources of light, and last longer than torches, though they require fuel to burn. A lantern need not be replaced, but you need one flask of oil to fill the lamp for each Expedition. One flask will be enough to last for the entire Expedition.
Unlike torches, a lantern is not extinguished when dropped, and therefore can be safely put down when a battle breaks out. For the sake of simplicity, assume that the adventurer will automatically retrieve his lantern after each battle ... and if he must flee, he scoops it up along the way.

Pushing through Doors by Ricky Kabay
Often Heroes will abuse the power of doors, especially now that there are rules for surrounding opponents and other combat situations. As a Dungeon Master I could never understand how 1 hero can literally block 10 skeletons in a room all by himself waiting to knock them down one at a time to his convenience,while the furious opponents wait in line. Consequently I devised the following rule that can not only solve the problem but also create a good laugh:


Assume the situation where there are two Skeletons in a room and in the doorway there is a warrior fighting one of the enemies (skeleton 1) while the other (skeleton 2) is in the room doing nothing. Skeleton 2 can literally attempt to push Skeleton 1 so that he can get a chance to fight. If Skeleton 2 is directly behind skeleton 1 than he can push Sk1 by rolling a D12 and adding his Strength value, the hero does the same and the one who obtained the highest number wins.

  • If the hero won he keeps his advantage and nothing happens,
  • If Skeleton 2 won then the hero is moved back 1 square and Skeleton 1 moves through the door: this allows Skeleton 2 to cross the door and attack next turn:Pushing counts as an action
  • If the values were identical then skeleton 2 pushed Skeleton 1 directly into the hero's weapon, this means that he can take an immediate attack against the unfortunate monster. Ha Ha Ha....