New Rules

This section of this site contains a series of new rules, or modifications of old rules, that I have invented in the course of my AHQ adventures. All these rules have been made to be as simple as possible, but still make the game far more interesting to play. They have all been playtested, but you are free to apply them as you wish. Notice, however, that these new rules HAVE BEEN USED ELSEWHERE IN THIS SITE and might be mentioned again and again in various sections of it (such as Magic spells or new Heroes). All the rest of this site has been built assuming that you are using, or at least know of these rules.

Should you need it here is a list of all the abbreviations that are being used in this site.




This section contains all the rules I've created that are applied at all times throughout the game. Below is a list of topics you will find in here.
- Dungeon generation
- New Dungeon Counters: Surprise, Dispel, Fate, Character, Flee, Wandering monster
- General Skills: Surprise, Lockpicking, Discover trap, Deactivate trap, Magic resistance, Weapon proficiency.
- Lockpicking
- Weapon Proficiency
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Section 2:


Here you will find all the new rules concerning actions and movement during exploration phases. Below are the related rules.
- Movement
- Summary of standard exploration actions
- A bit of roleplaying
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Section 3:


Combat rules include new actions and special attacks, as well as a more detailed set of rules for fighting.
- Unarmed combat
- Ranged Attacks
- Moving in combat and placement of models: Death zones, Facing, being Engaged in close combat, Evading a combat using stealth or a critical hit.
- Special attacks and combat situations: Surrounding, charges, rear attacks, long weapons.
- New Monster special rules: Spellcasting, Infestation, Backstab, Run amok, Panic.
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Section 4:


This section contains an amount of rules that may be applied optionally. These rules have been created by friends or have been sent in via e-mail, and may on occasions contradict rules I have created. This doesn't make them less valuable, and can make games much more interesting.
- Light Sources, an article by Jordan Peacock detailing the use of torches and lanterns
- Pushing through doors: A rule by Ricky, who hates when heroes abuse the power of standing behind doors.