About me: VICTOR

My name is Victor Kabay and I live in Melbourne (Australia). I'm almost 21 now and have been playing Advanced Heroquest, and Heroquest before that, since I can remember. I've always, ALWAYS played as a Wizard, of different colleges and names (my three best ones were Tarragon the Pyromaniac Fire wizard, Laurel the peaceful Wood Elf Druid and Slurpee, the Grey Wise Guy). Although I've never really dungeon-mastered, I've always helped the DM out in difficult situations, and in this way I have started to create more and more new rules. Eventually the idea to make this website came, but I must list all the people who have played (knowingly or unknowingly) a big or small part in its creation. Before that I just want to send my "special insults" to Ricky's computer, may it return to computer hell, where it came from (just kidding, I don't think I could have done this without it)!


Ricky Kabay, my big bro, for working with me on this website all day and all night, creating by himself practically all the graphics in the site, and when necessary searching the entire web for hours and hours for finding just the perfect background for a certain page, and for making me continue even when I didn't feel like putting up this site anymore (I tell you, it can get quite tedious at times, not to say frustrating).

Graeme Davis, former writer for GamesWorkshop, creator of the only AHQ expansion "Terror in the Dark", for the tons & tons & tons & tons & tons of stuff he sent me. As you might expect from the game designer the quality of the material was obviously absolutely outstanding! Thank you Graeme!

T. Jordan "Greywolf" Peacock, really passionate AHQ player, Jordan has sent in an absolutely enormous amount of material via e-mail (on average 5 e-mails per day!). I have gleaned ideas from this and included them in the site, but some articles of his have been placed just how he sent them to me in the Optional Rules section of the house rules page. e-mail:greywolf@fox.org

Carlo Giglielmin, creator of Karak's hut (an internet site), for showing me that Advanced Heroquest is still around, and that if I made a site at least one or two people in the entire world would see it (what do you expect, it IS discontinued for many years after all!). He also unknowingly gave me the initial idea to create this website in the first place.

Peter Alexandrovics the computer wiz who took the time to give Ricy and me one useful hint after the other, and helped us through the entire process of uploading the site (this is our first website after all!). Peter also fixed Ricky's computer every time it broke down, so without him this site would never exist.

Michael Andersen for all the useful ideas and suggestions on what this site should contain. He was also the one who thought of "tracking down" Graeme Davis.

Dominic Camus for all his enthusiasm (and White Dwarf article).

Here is a list of all the people (and characters they used most often) that I've played Advanced Heroquest with at different times, in different continents, in various languages (Hungarian, Italian, English and... Australian):

Kabay Gabi (Dungeon-master), Kabay Ricky (FreezyBreeze, High Elf Ice Prince), Kabay Erno (Zuli, the Cleric), Kiss Gabor (Huggo les Petit, the Halfling nuisance!), Kiss Tamas (Abaddon, the Berserker), Kiss Gerti (Galahad, the Knight), Kiss Gyuszy (Kolopacs, the Dwarven Runesmith), Sumindi Peiris (Aramar, the Wardancer), Alberto Vicari (Elfo della Danza di Morte, the other Wardancer), James Snelleman-Smith (Tosh, the Paladin), Andrew Edgar (Shmorgen Morgen the Swashbuckler), Richard Krasovskis (Dungo the Halfling Scout), Alex Dewar (Sir Quickfoot Runs-a-lot, Wood Elf scout).